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Why should hire me

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College of William & Mary

B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics

Aug 2009 - May 2013
  • CS classes covering data structures, algorithms, systems programming, architecture, network security, and GPGPU programming
  • Math classes covering calculus, linear algebra, matrix analysis, operations research, abstract algebra, probability, and quantum computing
  • Defending an senior honors thesis in Computer Science
  • Current cumulative GPA of 3.67
  • Received Monroe Scholarship (Spring 2011) and Jane Mahoney Scholarship (Fall 2011) for outstanding academic achievement
  • Organized and facilitated first two W&M Hackathons (Spring/Fall 2012), organizing third W&M hackathon for Spring 2013
  • Current W&M Student ACM President (2011-Present)

Microsoft Azure (Networking)

SDET Intern

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012
  • Developed internal tool for simulating network failure and congestion (fault-injection)
  • Saw project from concept to completion including design, architecture, implementation, testing, and documentation
  • Presented project in front of CVP of Server & Cloud Division, received positive feedback on project and presentation

Android Research

Pending publication on a class of native phishing attacks, and a novel defense technique. Worked under Dr. Haining Wang.

Languages & Tools

  • Python (Everything)
  • C/C++ (Drivers, Networking)
  • git (DVCS)
  • Sublime Text 2 (Text editor)
  • CUDA (GPU Parallelization)
  • Java (Algorithms, Android)
  • HTML/CSS (Modern websites)
  • Sass (Better CSS)
  • Scala (Type System)
  • Bash (System control)
  • Javascript (Cross-Platform Mobile)
  • VirtualBox (Testing)
  • Erlang (Learning)

Computer Science GPA

DynamX Consulting

Technical Analyst

Jul 2011 - Current
  • Assist President with Department of Defense funded modeling and simulation research projects
  • Build and maintain all online assets including a modern website
  • Create compelling visualizations for proposals and presentations
  • Provide technical support and hardware purchasing advise


  • Only sophomore member from W&M to compete, placed 1st on-site, 12th out of 166 teams (2010 Regionals)
  • Lead first W&M team to qualify for world finals, placing 1st on-site and 2nd out of 164 teams (2011 Regionals)
  • Competed at the North American practice contest hosted by University of Chicago, and world finals hosted by University of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland (2012 World Finals)

Years of programming

W&M Computer Science Department

Lab Consultant

Jan 2011 - Current
  • Assist entry level Computer Science students with class projects and homework
  • Advise all students on departmental lab procedures and Unix related questions

W&M Computer Science Department

Research Assistant

Sep 2011 - Jan 2012
  • Conducted independent research on security in the Android framework
  • Authored paper pending acceptance to ACNS 2013


  • 10+ public projects, including open-source contributions and personal projects ranging from websites to automation utilities to customized dotfiles
  • Public website for DynamX Consulting, utilizing modern technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and d3.js
  • Automation for Drupal updating and deployment to shared hosting via FTP
  • Issues and pull request for popular open source software including Github's own linguist and Python testing framework nose, among others

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